Business Broadband

Business Connectivity

We offer a fibre broadband solution that is the best choice for business to business connectivity

Our business broadband is a dedicated unrestricted service ensuring our customers receive the best possible experience

Business Broadband

Being OFCOM registered we have direct access to BT Openreach, allowing us full disclosure on the services that are available to our clients.  Depending on the services, we can offer the correct solution matching the business requirements of our customers.  All services we supply are directly supported and managed by us.

Our business broadband is a dedicated unrestricted service ensuring our customers receive the best possible experience.  We do not put a cap on the data usage or charge for bandwidth.  Our fibre broadband means that you have unlimited usage on downloads and uploads, priority line use to ensure that your bandwidth is never compromised and lightening fast operating speeds.

If you are after a single user business broadband service, Capital Networks can provide you with the same unlimited usage as well as a really fast reliable connection at a price that is appropriate.

No matter your choice, our business broadband gives you and your business the most cost-effective and efficient internet service that you can get. We have a reliable network that is fully supported by our in house team who manage each account with care and consistency.

Leased Lines

As part of our broadband service we are able to offer companies a private line. If you have a large company of over 25 employees you may need to consider the use of a private line to ensure that all staff members can access the full range of internet services at all times. With a private line it is possible to have flawless connection to cloud based services such as file storage sites as well as being able to maintain crystal communication lines through VoIP or video conferencing technologies.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM is a cost-effective way to have access to a high-capacity connection (similar to fibre) without having to commit to a full fibre Ethernet. This is a preferred option by many companies and Capital Networks is able to arrange this service for you.

Fibre to Cabinet (FTTC)

Fibre to the Cabinet connections offer some of the fastest mass-market speeds available. FTTC caters for the needs of multiple users and results in a significant increase in bandwidth. Get up to 100Mb download and up to 50Mb upload by choosing this service.

Fibre to Premises (FTTP)

FTTP is the fastest broadband service currently available. We are able to offer this service with an impressive possible speed of 330Mb/s. This is an excellent solution for large numbers of users as the bandwidth strength is significantly higher.

Assured Voice Services

Used in tandem with our VoIP services,  our assured voice service provides the best connection available for internet based communication such as a phone calls. Assured voice services are a voice only broadband connection that prioritises IP voice traffic above all other traffic.

Wireless Bridges

If you are suffering from a poor Wi-Fi range in your workplace, then a wireless bridge is an option to help extend the range. 

CAT5 / CAT6 / Fibre Installations

Whether you need network cabling for your company work place or you are looking to upgrade a system to add extra users, we have the CAT5 / CAT6 / fibre installations solution for you.

Capitals Networks offers a complete service, from design to installation, covering structured cabling systems based on CAT5 and CAT6 or fibre installations. Our in-house team of specialists can supply you with a complete cable infrastructure to serve your voice and data systems. This infrastructure includes data cabinets, patch panels, trunking, wall sockets and patch cables; of which Capital Networks has the capability to provide. Our team will take care of the installation including overhead wires and support systems to ensure that you are up and running with your new system in a short period of time.

Site to Site VPN

A site-to-site VPN allows companies with multiple fixed location to establish a secure connection with each over via the internet. This process extends the network of a company, allowing company resources to be commonly shared. A site to site VPN is often utilised by a growing organisation and does not have a limit in terms of how many locations can be linked. This is an excellent solution for a company that is considering expansion or who has recently opened up new locations