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VoIP and Hosted Solutions

Reduced costs – zero or minimal capital outlay, no maintenance, no upgrade charges

The flexibility and major financial, business and technical benefits make this an option you shouldn’t ignore.

Many businesses are realising that instead of tying up capital in an office telephone system they can get a superior system and an enterprise level of features by taking advantage of Capital Network’s latest business grade, Voice over IP (VoIP), network-based, next generation telephone service.

A hosted telephony service is a revolutionary way to deliver the facilities you need from an office phone system, without the capital outlay, ongoing maintenance or support challenges of a system located on your site(s).

  • Do not confuse this business oriented VoIP service with consumer brands like Skype.
  • Our Hosted VoIP service has a dedicated circuit which is optimised only for businesses like yours.

Our service provides a considerable range of both simple and advanced business features delivered over a data network connection to centralised servers, remotely hosted in dedicated data centres (throughout the UK). The flexibility and major financial, business and technical benefits make this an option you shouldn’t ignore.

Top benefits:

  • Reduced costs – with options for zero or minimal capital outlay, no maintenance, no upgrade charges.
  • Predictable pay-as-you-go pricing highly reliable with disaster recovery built in – Real business continuity.
  • Huge range of features that users can manage themselves.
  • Multi-sited organisations can act as a single entity with one numbering plan and with all their inter site calls being totally free of the usual per minute charges.
  • Particularly effective for serving home and remote workers so that they benefit from the full set of features of your phone system – even by their mobile or laptop device’s, we will always keep you connected

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We call it “Horizon”

Horizon is our complete communications service for business that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. The service allows you, the administrator, to easily manage your environment whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity.

The service has lots of clever features and an emphasis on control and administration through the web that takes the burden away from your IT team. For administrators, you can quickly configure the system according to your organisation’s changing requirements, while your employees can manage calls easily and effectively, with increased productivity.

Call Management and Recording

We offer a call management and recording system that allows you to take full control of all calls coming in and out of your company. By utilising our system you can have access to the full record of calls so that you can chase up missed calls, monitor staff performance and analyse the success of marketing and sales strategies.

The main benefits of our call management system include:

  • Monitoring Missed Calls – you have full access to missed call data allowing you to call back all potential business opportunities.
  • Recording of all Calls – ever wondered what your staff actually sound like on their phone calls? Use our system to listen to recordings of calls, monitor call response rates and check that your business is being properly represented.
  • Traffic Analysis – take advantage of the comprehensive traffic reports that will allow you to analyse when you are being called and by how many people in order to better strategise for staff ratios and sales strategies.
  • Sales and Marketing Analysis – discover what sales campaign is actually working the best in order to work out which one will give you a better return on your investment.

Mobile Office Solutions

It can be a real challenge to keep all members of your business connected when on the road or working from multiple locations. Fortunately, Capital Networks can offer a mobile office solution to suit the multiplicity of out of office business needs. From smartphones to remote access, there is a wide array of technology that we can help to facilitate for your business.

At Capital Networks, our mobile office specialists can help you to find the best mobile device and network for your needs and make sure that all staff members are fully trained to utilise these technologies. We can also help your company to benefit from remote access technology. This will allow staff members to work securely from multiple locations, whilst always having access to the work network, files and resources on offer. This connection will always be secure and will allow your staff and your business to work at full capacity wherever they are required to be.

Auto Attendants

Auto attendants enables callers to be transferred to the relevent department or an extension without having to go through a receptionist first.

Auto attendant systems are a very useful and cost-effective feature for any business as it replaces the need to have a human operator always on hand to direct the caller to the appropriate extension.

Music on Hold

If you have a large volume of calls coming through to your business there is an inevitability that staff members will not always be available to take all calls. Having a hold system is a useful mechanism in which to minimise call drop out rates and to maximise the possibilities of potential customers making contact with your company. At Capital Networks we offer a music on hold service that allows you place callers on hold, play music during their wait and announce to them the approximate time of waiting.

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