The Changing Face of Unified Communications for Business...

According to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau data, we now spend one in every six waking minutes online.

Over half of this time is spent on mobile devices, meaning that mobiles and tablets are now the main go-to devices.

Add to this the proliferation of other devices that connect to the Internet, such as fitness products and cars, and the possibilities to be connected are endless. Whether it's in our personal lives or in the office, it's changing the way we interact with people.
This applies to the unified communications industry just as much as any other. We're now used to using different devices at different times of day and it's logical that business telephony solutions mirror this.

I expect to be connected at all times, to pick up calls to the office from my smartphone, tablet or desktop, wherever I am working in the world.
— CapNet Customer

Additional features that address the changing way we want to communicate are fast becoming commonplace, such as video conferencing or instant messaging.
But it's not just the products on offer that are changing, it's the way businesses want to buy. Just as we pick and choose which device to surf the web at different times of day, businesses will want the flexibility to create their own bespoke UC solution. Whether that's choosing analytics options, video conferencing or voicemail, our customers only want to pay for what they use.

At Capital Networks, we know that without this innovation in products and services, we can’t deliver the service you deserve
— Dan Taylor
Felix ClarkeComment