Business Continuity

Business Continuity Services

As business is dependent on IT, you can’t afford to take these risks with your future

If you are unprepared, data loss and downtime can lead to significant financial and reputation damage

It often takes a major incident for most companies to realise they are only a single IT failure away from disaster. Although major attacks on IT systems worldwide are commonplace and malware attacks are becoming more frequent and devastating, many businesses are unprepared to deal with the aftermath of a similar disaster.

Cloud Backup

Having the correct back up system in place is a vital step that many business owners regret not taking when things go wrong. Ensure that all your data is secure by backing up using a cloud based backup service. Capital Networks can provide you with a cloud backup system. On top of this we can also help you in the initial process of backing up all of your data as well as training you on how to keep up with the backing up process.

Offsite File Backup

As well as storing back up information in a cloud system it is also prudent to have an offsite file backup system in place. Capital Networks can provide you with offsite file backup using tape backup and local disk backup. 

Offsite Server Replication

Capital Networks is able to replicate servers on a variety of operating systems including Windows, Linux, Macintosh and Netware and have them backed up to an offsite server or storage device either in real time or on a pre-defined schedule.

Telephony Continuity

Implementing a hosted VOIP (Voice over IP) telephone system gives businesses an enhanced business continuity plan as the systems are automatically replicated to two sites within the UK.  We also have the ability to preconfigure an additional business continuity plan whereas we can pre configure the system to migrate to a fail over mode.  If lines connecting a building had been cut the fail over plan would call alternative numbers such as mobiles.